Cleaning Sponge Balls

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Rubber Sponge Cleaning Ball

The cleaning balls must in any case have a larger diameter than the inner diameter of the cooling tube. This means that bails without such an oversize will not have a clean, effect. Only due to this size are deposits detached and carried away. The detachments do not pene¬trate into the balls, nor do they foul them. but are detached by means of a hydraulic jet which is created in front of the ball, and are driven through the tube.
In the course of numerous ball passages, the balls wear down and get smaller. Once they are smaller than, or equal to. the tube inner diameter, they have to be replaced. Depending on the kind and degree of fouling. this may be necessary
after about four to six weeks. a mean value which may considerably be surpassed. but also remained under.
The selection of the optimum cleaning ball depends on many factors:
• tube material
• kind and degree of fouling
• temperature
• design of waterboxes
• cooling water velocity in the tube
• type of inhibitors. etc.
To respond to different demands. numerous ball types have been developed: there are balls with and without special coatings, such as plastic granulate. corundum, or special poli¬shing balls, as well as high-temperature balls. All of them are available in different hardness degrees.
Figure 6 shows from left to right:
• standard sponge rubber ball
sponge rubber ball with low sinking velocity
sponge rubber ball for particularly high demands
sponge rubber ball with plastic granulate coating
sponge rubber ball with addition of polishing agent
• two sponge rubber balls with corundum coating.

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