Cleaning Sponge Balls

Condenser Cleaning Sponge Balls Rubber Condenser Cleaner Sponge Balls Rubber Sponge Balls Condenser Cleaning Balls

MEFE manufactures sponge rubber since 1995 th

From 2012 until today led by the MEFE research and development work.After making elaborations MEFE stars production with the sponge ball for cleaning the Conderser-Tube in Diameter from 30 mm to 350 mm in monoblock mutandis by any desired density (hardness) of 110160Kg/cbm to 350 kg/cbm in high quality for the cleaning of tubes of concrete pumps, mortar machines, plastering machines.

MEFE has more experience in the production of sponge rubber and its products. outside of these products,the company MEFE the boards and moldings made of sponge rubber in blocks,plates and in different densities Ihardnessl,the rollerskylindrical holes in the center) from sponge-rubber up to a length of 1100 mm ago.

MEFE produces parts from the sponge-rubber in high-quality for the famous companies at the world according to DIN standards and to having the necessary testing and test results.

We,as MEFE are proud of products and customer satisfaction and always preferring that our dear customers are for us on the first rank,and thank all customers.

We are so happy and introduce ourselves to our customers with Know-how and knowledge always ready.

Conderser balls, between 10 mm and 45 mm In diameter and are produced In large sizing and diameters.

Standard Balls

The standard balls made of natural sponge rubber according to densities, the more density and the more harder sponge ball property show to say between densities of RG-160 kg/m3 up to RG-350 kg/m1(the balls can be produced in larger Hardness)

RG 200 kg/m3 Medium Soft MS

RG 250 kg/m3 Medium M

RG 300 kg/m3 Medium Hard MH